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Follow these eight steps to achieve success with your virtual business.  


The secret is to marry the mission with the money.  If you want to make a lot of money, you will have to help a lot of people.  If you want to help a lot of people, you will make a lot of money.  Together, many hands make light work.  You have the opportunity to make a difference in the health and lives of many just by sharing the most thoroughly researched nutritional product in the world!



Best of SUCCESS to YOU!

Step 1

Start out as a Distributor for $50 per year.

This entitles you to Retail Sales Profit (RSP) and Purchase Volume Credit (PVC) on every shipment which is tracked for the next promotion:


Capsule Trio: $39/16.50 PVC

Orchard Garden: $23/106.50

Vineyard: $16/63.00 PVC

Soft Chews O/G Adult: $22/111PVC

Soft Chews O/G Child: $11/55.50 PVC

Soft Chews Vineyard: $16/70.50 PVC

Complete Shake: $38/70.50 PVC

Complete Bars: $38/70.50 PVC

Sample Packs Wholesale: 63 PVC

Tower Garden : $55/352.50 PVC

Tower Garden Trio: $180/1132.50 PVC

Step 2
Direct Distributor 6%

The first simple goal on your journey is to achieve Direct Distributor.  This is easily attained by ordering products for yourself and by sharing with a few friends or family members.  


When you have accumulated 500 PVC from 3 households (including your own) in your first 30 days, you are promoted and also receive a $100 Healthy Living Plan (HLP) Bonus.  


Many achieve this IN THEIR FIRST DAY!


The other 2 households must be purchasing Juice Plus+ with their own credit cards.


Step 3
Virtual Franchisee 14%

When you reach this level using the 2000+ Incentive Program, you receive a $250 bonus and a free conference ticket.  Your sponsor also receives a $250 bonus!


It's not hard, so why not get started now!


In your first 30-60 days:

  • Simply add 2000 PVC points from 7 households

  • Add 1 or more new team members who have a preferred customer order, and you're there!


*Only 600 PVC of the 2000 PVC points can come from your own personal orders, so be sure to share with those you care about.  All of your front line team member's personal and customer orders add to your 2000 points needed.

*At least 500 PVC of your own personal volume from your and your customer's orders need to be included in the 2000 PVC needed.

*Receive a Performance Bonus on up to 4 generations when you qualify your business.  This means you have 1000 PVC per month billing out.  In other words, you have your customer base built.  For example, it only takes 20 Capsule Trio orders billing monthly or 17 customers transforming their health with the Capsule Trio and Complete Shake.

Step 4
Sales Coordinator

Another bonus of $500 and a free conference ticket is yours for the taking!  Your sponsor also gets a $500 bonus to boot!


In the first 6 months:

  • Accumulate 8000 PVC from you and your team, have 3 lines consisting of 2 Virtual Franchisees (VF) where at least one has achieved the 2000+ themselves, and 1 Direct Distributor (DD.)

  • You must have a qualified business by the 6th month.


*No household members for structure requirement.

*Eligible to receive Performance Bonus 5% on up to 4 generations.

*Eligible to receive Promote Out Bonus (POB) of 4% when eligible volume and structure reach 3000 PVC per month.


Step 5
Senior Sales Coordinator

In the first 12 months from application date, achieve this level and earn a $1,000 bonus!

  • 8000 PVC team volume in any one month during the 12 month period.  Only Preferred Customer orders count, no wholesale.

  • Structure required is 1 Sales Coordinator, 2 Virtual Franchisees (one must be 2000+,_ 1 Direct Distributor (no household members.)

  • Must be a 3 Club (have 3 other people on your team who also qualify their business.)

  • Now eligible for Business Incentive Bonus (BIB) of up to 20%, up to an extra $500 per month.

  • Eligible to receive Performance Bonsus 5% on up to 4 generations.

  • Eligible to receive POB Bonus of 4%.

Step 6
Qualifying National Marketing Director
  • 20000 in total accumulated payline PVC during any one month.

  • 4 lines with a Virtual Franchisee or higher in each line.

  • 3 of 4 lines must have a Sales Coordinator.

  • 2 of 3 Sales Coordinator lines must be in Promote Out Bonus (POB.)

  • No more than 2/3 of your qualifying PVC from 1 line.

  • Eligible to receive Performance Bonus 5% on up to 5 generations.

  • Eligible to receive Promote Out Bonus of 4%.

  • Eligible to receive Business Incentive Bonus (BIB) of up to 20% to $1,000 per month.


Step 7
National Marketing Director

Congratulations are in order!


  • 33000 in total payline PVC in any one month.

  • 5 lines with a Sales Coordinataor or higher in each.

  • 5 lines must be in Performance Bonus.

  • 3 of 5 lines must be in Promote Out Bonus.

  • No more than 2/3 of your qualifying PVC in 1 line.

  • Eligible to receive Performance Bonus 5% on up to 5 generations.

  • Eligible to receive Promote Out Bonus (POB) of 4%.

  • Eligible for Business Incentive Bonus (BIB) of up to $3,000 per month.

  • Eligible for full benefits package.


Qualifying Your

Qaulifying your business is the MAGIC to HIGHER paychecks!


You Qualify yourself = Average of $500 per month.

3 on your team also Qualify = Average of $1,250 per month.

12 Club = Average of $40,000 per year.

39 Club = Average of $120,000 per year.

100 Club = Average of $300,000 per year.


Typically, 24 Club is National Marketing Director.

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