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We love helping people get and stay healthy! When we first started our Juice Plus+ journey in 2003, we had no idea what the impact of sharing a great message would have. The people we loved and cared for benefited, and also thousands of others all around the world. The power of network marketing allows us to spread hope, love, and tools for achieving optimal nutrition through the mouths and efforts of many. Our favorite sayings are “many hands make light work” and “the money and the mission have to get married”. If you help a lot of people with their health, you will make a lot of money. If you want to make a lot of money, you have to help a lot of people get healthy. It really is a beautiful thing! 


As Colorado natives, we enjoy  hiking, biking, paddle boarding, boating, golf, and travel. We have four beautiful children, Kamille, Kandice, Christian, and Elle as well as two grandchildren, Nick and Dillon.


We are more excited now than ever about the benefits of our Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise! With our Juice Plus+ products and Transformation Programs, it is easier than ever to shine the light on optimal health and wellness and help people create an incredible life. We wish you great success and welcome you to our team of amazing people!


                                                                                                               Reagan and Richard Dean

                                                                                                              National Marketing Directors

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